Virtual Community Meeting

Virtual Community Meeting

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Save the date.

We need everyone to attend the Virtual Communtiy Meeting.

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Date: Thursday, April 25, 2024

Time: 6:00- 7:30pm


The meeting will be recorded and posted to this website.

See instructions in this notice for ways to participate.

                                                                    April 13, 2024

Hello Westcreek,

We have received the Virtual Community Meeting notice on 5725 W US HWY 290 EB (former Bank of America site) that is scheduled for April 25, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. The community meeting is to provide an opportunity for the applicant, neighborhood planning contact team nearby residents/property owners and any other interested parties to discuss the proposed plan amendment and zoning change requests. The zoning will determine the size of the multifamily development whether it is medium density or high density. The 5725 W US HWY 290 EB will still go to Planning and Zoning and to City Council for final approval. The outcome of this meeting will have an effect our neighborhood, including overall safety, additional traffic, congested parking, loss of heritage trees, and potential flooding. You can review the specific concerns that have been put forward below.

WNA and Oak Hill Planning Contact Team will be attending. We urge you to review the information to formulate your opinion. Please attend the meeting if possible. If you would like to speak attend the meeting at   If you would like the WNA or OHPCT to present your questions, please Email the Board at [email protected]

Case Summaries:

NPA-2023-0025.01: To change the future land use map (FLUM) from Neighborhood Mixed (an area that is appropriate for a mix of neighborhood commercial) to Mixed Use land use (an area that is appropriate for a mix of residential and non-residential).


C14-2024-0040: To change the zoning form GR-NP (Community Commercial district – Neighborhood Plan) to GR-DB90NP (Community Commercial district – Density Bonus 90 combing district -Neighborhood Plan) for multifamily uses.


This is a simplified explanation of Density Bonus 90: 

The proposed code amendments will create a new combining district for an affordable housing

bonus program that is similar to the City’s existing vertical mixed-use program and allows a development that provides on-site affordable units to be eligible for 30 feet of additional height above the maximum height allowed by the base zoning, up to 90 feet.

This is the City of Austin link to the Density Bonus 90:

Here are the concerns communicated by Westcreek Neighborhood Board and Oak Hill

Neighborhood Planning Contact team:


Safety for Children, Students, and Families in Close Proximity to 5725 W US HWY 290

Patton Elementary, Ashford Montessori, Lone Star Soccer, Small Middle School


On site parking for the development of 5725 W US HWY 290.



Possible increase in stormwater drainage due to construction



We would like to see all heritage trees and other trees saved; thus, decreasing the likelihood of flooding.

Please spread the word to your neighbors and consider how you can offer input. We want to preserve the beauty and safety of our neighborhood and we need your help.


Rita Berry, President

Westcreek Neighborhood Association